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Square Concrete Stakes

Updated: November 2022

Why Square Concrete Stakes are Superior to Round Concrete Stakes – Click Below to View Video

According to the Essential Craftsman, Square Steel Stakes are Superior to Round Steel Stakes. In this light-hearted and useful video, he lists why – and gives a nice shout-out to Hogan Company – which we really appreciate.

Why Square Stakes

  • The edge can be used to cut string
  • String ties more securely to square stakes
  • A tape measure can hook on
  • Flat side of stakes mates better to forms
  • Easier to straighten if bent
  • Will accept a crescent wrench if stuck
  • Won’t roll around in a truck
  • Can ‘cut’ bent nails out from other stakes
  • Can be used as slide rails when cooking in forge
  • Easily recognize your stakes on the jobsite – everyone else’s stakes are round!

Square Stake Uses

  • Forming concrete
  • Anchoring and securing items
  • Anchoring shoring
  • Anchoring tents and shade awnings
  • Securing the bottom of a ladder
  • Establishing string lines for layout
  • Staking trees and landscaping
  • Anchoring temporary signage
  • Prybar or leverage tool
  • Creating temporary signs
  • Dozens of uses while camping
  • Poking things
  • Can be used as a crude chisel
  • Straight edge
  • Clamp to table to act as a fence
  • Secure boat at a beach dock
  • Quick Game of Horseshoes

We have both our imported square stake and our domestic square stake with holes available. Check them out. 

You can read more at The Essential Craftsman –

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