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Curb And Gutter Forms

Curb and Gutter Forms

See Hogan Light Weight Curb and Gutter Forms, Our Concrete Wood Forms At Work.

Hogan Company’s Concrete Forms are the longest lasting wood forms on the market. Both our straight boards and face – bender boards are made from light weight wood. These concrete wood forms are perfect for curb and gutter form use.

Straight Boards

  • All Hogan Straight boards come with metal end connectors attached.
  • Hogan Straight Boards have 2 solid rims on the top and bottom for added strength.
  • Back Straight Boards have flat rims. Face Straight Boards have beveled rims.
  • Standard length: 16′
  • Straight Boards: Available in Face or Back
  • Custom Sizes Available

Face – Bender Boards

  • Face-Bender Boards have “beveled” rims. Angle already cut for easy set up.
  • Back-Bender Boards have flat rims.
  • Radius Boards can bend to 15′ radius.
  • Standard length: 16′ (Sometimes available in longer lengths)

If your would like more information about our curb and gutter forms, please contact us.

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